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Inspection & Quality
We offer a number of non-destructive and quality testing processes, including a state of the art LPI facility with SNT-1A level II certified personnel and a nominated level III auditor. We also offer hydrostatic and helium leak testing on all pressure containing components, as well as radiographic and magnetic particle testing.

We have a fully equipped inspection department for both in-process and final inspection. A Quantum HG122010 CNC CMM, a Mitutoyo B710 Manual CMM and a Faro Gage Plus portable measuring machine provide full dimensional inspection capabilities. Our Quantum HG122010 CNC CMM incorporates a Renishaw motorised probe head and probe auto-changer. Both CMMs and Faro are capable of generating full dimensional reports and certification for finish machined components, which can be made available on request.

To ensure our high standards are constantly maintained, we have a comprehensive quality management system and material review process, from incoming raw material right through to despatch. We are always looking for opportunities to make improvements in all of our alloys in continual production. Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 approved, and we understand the importance of offering our customers full traceability and repeatability.