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Pattern Making &
• Pattern Shop Facilities.
• CNC Operated Pattern Making Equipment
• CAD/CAM Using Key Creator And Edge Cast Software

The designs are methodised to determine the most suitable method of manufacture. This initially involves a 3D CAD model, which is used to analyse the part and carry out solidification simulation. At this stage we can decide whether our customer’s requirements will be best served by our sand casting or ceramic process. The model that is received from a customer or generated internally at Brafe will also be used by our CAM systems to produce patterns and core boxes, wax tooling or prototype patterns. We can also offer prototyping services for single parts or small batch production. This allows castings to be produced without the need to manufacture tooling and provides the opportunity to check a design before committing to the full cost of pattern equipment. These services have been successfully applied many times to the reverse engineering of obsolete parts and the manufacture of special one-off components.