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Quality Policy
The quality system adopted by the Company is based upon the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 (Formerly BS EN ISO 9001:2000)

It is the policy of the Company to meet or better all the requirements of our customers. Using the framework of ISO 9001 it is our objective to continually improve all areas of our business. Where the Quality Management System is found to be not achieving these objectives it will be reviewed and officially changed.

The Company is a privately owned company supplying cast and finished machined components in a wide range of materials, primarily for use by the pump and valve industries. Castings are produced by both the traditional sand moulding and the "Repliwax®" process.

Materials processed include Stainless Steels, Aluminum Bronzes, Titanium and Nickel Based alloys.

The Core Processes are controlled by a computerised system that gives complete control at all stages of the process. A series of General, Process, Melting and Quality Procedures control the Core Processes. These are supported by a series of Work Instructions which detail exact requirements for each process. The system is backed up on a daily basis to ensure continuity in the event of failure.

The Core Processes have been determined to be:
  1. Foundry. (Moulding, Core-Making, Setting and Casting)
  2. Repliwax®. (Wax Production, Shelling and Firing)
  3. Fettling/Upgrade.
  4. Welding.
  5. Heat Treatment.
  6. Machine Shop. (Manual and CNC Processes)
  7. Analytical and Material Testing.
  8. Technical and Quality Assurance.
  9. Inspection. (Verification, Validation & Measurement of Conformity)
  10. Metallurgical.
  11. Tooling/Development.
  12. Plant Maintenance.
The Company operates a Total Quality Management system, certified to ISO 9001:2008, which embodies three essential elements:
i) Focus on Customer Requirements,
ii) Process Improvement for defect reductions, and
iii) Total Quality Management involving all employees.

The aim of the Company is to provide total satisfaction and to meet the customer’s needs fully. By adopting a process based operation the Company aims for continuous improvement in all existing operations. Senior Management will also aim to introduce innovative new processes and provide improved resources to the Company.